terror thursdays conquered

September 4, 2008 at 5:07 pm (Uncategorized)

3 lectures, 2 tutorials, 2 languages, a dozen power naps and a dozen and one cups of coffee/tea later and liz has conquered terror thursdays once again!haha wheeeeeee:D

for the benefit of those who don’t know my timetable on thursdays can refer to my previous post.haha but conquering such horrible days give me a weird oddly sense of pride and satisfaction about myself..*ponders*

i’m tired.i think the dozen and one cups of caffeine is finally wearing out..the lure of my bed and my stuffed elephants and hefflalumps are too irresistable :p goodnight for now world, a longer post when my brain is less occupied.heh

and today he flies off once again to the smallest continent in the world…goodbye my lover


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a new dawn

September 3, 2008 at 3:42 pm (Uncategorized)

just returned from economics society’s annual general meeting.haha successfully managed to bid for vice-director of nefmq, speech went okay i guess but now down to the real work of recruiting sub com,RELIABLE sub com members, and hopefully we will be able to organize another successful installment of nefmq!

work work and more work.couldn’t make it for nes events com first meeting tonight..i hope i didn’t miss too much. i really want to shine in both societies but i’m afraid time is pulling me down and preventing me from doing so.let’s just pray and hope for the best.

had a rather fulfilling driving session today too!first time an instructor passed me on FOUR subjects:D yayy saving me money for one extra lesson.hopefully the rest of my instructors can follow suit then i’ll be done in no time..met up with my dear friend jingyu after that at city hall.it’s really nice just meeting up with old friends once in a while and just catching up with one another.she’s really one of those friends i know i can rely and depend on in years to come.she’ll be flying off on 15th september (what would have been OUR 1 year and 1 month) so i’ll be there to send her off with much tears in my pockets:(

terror thursdays tmr!!!!
1. TS lecture : 9 to 10am
2. PS lecture : 10am to 12 noon
3. discussion meeting with ps tutorial group : 12noon to 1 plus?
4. TS tutorial: 2 to 3pm
5. BREAK!!: 3 to 4 pm
6. French tutorial: 4 to 6pm
7, French lecture: 6 to 8pm

may my energy be with me throughout the day..caffeine shall be my buddy:D

1. Robinho –> man city (£32.5m)
2. Dimitar Berbatov –> man utd (£30.7m)
3. Robbie Keane –> liverpool (£20.3)
4. Jo –> man city (£18m)
5. Jose Bosingwa –> CHELSEA (£16.2M)
6. Luka Modric –> spurs (£15.8m)
7. Marouane Fellaini –> everton (£15m)
8. David Bentley –> spurs (£15m)
9. Roman Pavlyuchenko –> spurs (£14m)
10. James Milner –> aston villa (£12m)

what?!only ONE entry on the top ten tranfers?haha looks like spurs and man city are both vying for the most spendthrift club in the epl now..see who dares to say we bought our trophies should we win any this year..

p.s. please let me hear your voice one last time before you fly off..

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news flash..

September 3, 2008 at 1:23 am (Uncategorized)

City suitor Al-Fahim: I’m the new Abramovich

haha let’s see how long he can keep up with the insanely distorted market in the epl. On a brighter note, at least people MIGHT stop focusing so much on chelsea’s spending power and how we ‘bought’ all the titles we have won thus far.

econs agm tonight.just finished drafting out my speech for vice director. let’s pray that i hold up well..

he’s flying off on thursday to australia again.he still refuses to pick up my calls and reply my msgs.maybe he was right, i’m the one who needs to move on and grow up but who was it who threatened suicide when i used to want out?


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what were they thinking?

September 2, 2008 at 1:03 pm (Uncategorized)

what were they thinking? PART 1


woke up this morning and my heart stopped a couple of beats when i read this on soccernet.i suppose since manchester city have usurped chelsea in the bid for robinho, dare i say man city are the new chelski? it’s puzzling how robinho actually made an unusual move in holding a press conference the day before to once again reinterate his desire to join the blues (chelsea that is not man city) and yet he still ended up on the wrong side of england once the transfer deadline reached. whatever happened to consumer sovereignity? although it would have been really exciting to see robinho link up with deco,lampard,ballack,j. cole in midfield, i wish him all the best for the coming season.who knows maybe my wish will be fulfilled next season with another swp transfer soon?as soon as the christmas holidays?heh

#2 Sarah Pulin’s teenage daughter is 5 months pregnant

Just in case you along with many others are unsure on who Sarah Pulin is, she is a very good choice of John McCain, she will be McSame’s running mate for his presidential bid come this November 4th Election day. Her daughter is 17, i’m not sure what was she thinking but i sure hope the father of the child is hot if not it wouldn’t be worth it. It’s quite amusing to see four congressmen and women debating on Larry King Live on the impact of a teenage pregnancy on the entire presidential campaign. grow up guys, let’s focus on more important stuff like global warming, iraq and the impending hurricane.

end of PART 1

to those who find their way to this blog, this is a MUST WATCH:


driving tmr.

meeting jingyu tmr.not sure on where yet.

ens agm tmr.

still deliberating on whether to run for director or vice-director for nemfq.haha don’t really want my studies to be affected since i’m already busy with nes events committee and the forgotten funkamania dance competition..

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Hello world!

September 2, 2008 at 12:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post.

why yes hello world! this is my second attempt at maintaining a blog. let’s see how this goes.

but i’ve decided to keep this for my personal ranting space and not advertise the link on msn as my personal message or on facebook as my ‘what are you doing now?’ status bar. should any of my friends or family happen to chance upon this months or years to come, i apologize now for not proclaiming and holding a ‘blog’-warming party for the beginnings of this humble blog.haha

in other news, it’s been more than four years since my last failed attempted at maintaining a blog back at blogspot, i’ve survived what i used to think was the hardest examination i would ever have to sit for O LEVELS, scored decently well to get myself an ESIP scholarship and went on to the internationally known international baccalaureate program at acs and also survived what i also thought to be the hardest examination i would ever have to sit for the IB EXAMS. i survived but did below my expectations and now i am into my first month at NUS doing economics. i like it that everything i’m learning now seems so new and surreal to me, doings so many arts subject is a nice change from all the complex numbers, vectors, graphs, acid-base analysis, thermal equilibrium that i have been doing since sec 3.

people give me WHAT THE HELL were you thinking looks when they find out how i gave up stanford/berkley/yale for NUS FASS but i was faced with an economic and financial problem. no way was i going to rob my parents of another quarter of a million dollars so i can go and live the rockstar life in sunny old california while they are back in singapore slogging their lives out over work. so look all you want, i’m going to make my four years in nus the best that it ever can be (even though i hope i can get into hostel/hall)

p.s. i forgot to mention in those four years i’ve fallen in and out of love for the first time in my life and it still hurts.shit.

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