the start of a new beginning

November 5, 2008 at 5:21 am (Uncategorized)

Senate Barack Obama, you are my president.

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watching his acceptance speech now on CNN as I write this post that is long long overdue.

this guy is truly the most articulate man that the US has seen in a long while.

Because of him, I am now starting to be proud to call myself an American.

I cast my first ever voting ballot yesterday at the US embassy and I am glad I was part of history in the making.

Obama do us proud!

in other (sad) news, chelsea lost to roma in a rainy gloomy pitch THREE-ONE while liverpool on the other hand earned YET AGAIN controversial penalty to steal a point out of their match against athletico madrid. the instant i woke up, my brother (a gunner fan) told me CHELSEA SUCKS MAN. i had one thing to say to him, ‘hey hey at least i don’t lose to TWO newly promoted teams in the epl…’ heh

driving test this friday. God bless me with a calm mind and steady heart please.

exams are coming up in two weeks.

mambo on the 3rd of december.

bali trip after exams.

two weeks US of A trip in the end of december.

happy belated birthday to YOU, yes to you. i have your present, let me know when you want to start talking again so i can even meet you to pass you your present.

this is such an incoherent post, i’m too distracted by Obama’s speech, he is such a wonderful individual.

God Bless him and his family. God bless the United States of America..


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