sleepy sunday

September 21, 2008 at 5:31 am (Uncategorized)

sleepy’s really one of those days that you just want to stay in bed the entire day.snuggled under the heaps of covers, with the ipod plugged in blasting nice soothing songs, the curtains reflecting any ray of sunlight, the air-condition at 18 degrees (celsius not fahrenheit!)..

was suppose to go the beach today to stop my mom’s constant reminder of “ah girl ah, go sentosa and get rid of your uneven tanlines!” my gosh la, since when are moms encouraging of their daughter to go to the beach in bikinis to get rid of their tan lines.hahaha well that’s my mom for you. but i grew lazybones and decided to stay home and be the good and exemplary uni student that i am (AHEM) to study for my theatre studies mid terms which is TOMORROW! i already screwed up my french mid terms can’t afford to screw up another one..CAP 5 CAP 5 CAP 5 CAP 5!!

i wish i found this when i was still in ib taking HL math.haha

the singapore flyer promenade is showcasing THE match of the season on a 300 inch screen.zomg i’m still contemplating whether i should go down and watch the match fully geared in my chelsea wear:D i don’t really like saying too much before big matches like this one.heh i prefer to do post-match analysis but i would just like to say TWO things before the big match tonight:

1. remember the drama, remember the tears, remember the anguish on THAT rainy roman night? remember all that and let’s take our avenge

2. TONIGHT 8.55 pm, tune in to football channel (ch27) be there or be square to watch the red devils submerge under the blue wave:p

you really don’t give a shit anymore, do you?

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