it’s been a while

September 18, 2008 at 3:16 pm (Uncategorized)

it’s been a while since i’ve been here.haha am i really THAT busy?i’m sorry dear bloggie for neglecting you.i shall make up to you by writing a nice long post alrighty?hahaha omg i feel so retarded talking to a platform of new media.

it’s thursday night which means liz has once again conquered terror thursday which has not been so terror-able for the past weeks.haha okay okay i admit i SKIPPED the morning lectures for the past two weeks already.haven’t been for a theatre studies lecture for THREE WEEKS.oh mon dieu i’m such a bad student but i really don’t like the 9am slot cos that means i have to get out of the house by 8 am which means i have to wake up by latest 730 AM!!then i have skipped political science lecture for the past TWO WEEKS cos i really don’t feel as though the lecture is helping me in any way.rahh but i better start making up for the slack time by reading and learning myself.


i have so much catching up to do, it’s daunting. had my first french test today actually it was my first test in almost a year so yea it wasn’t as great as i wanted it to be, i totally flunked my listening comprehension part. i REALLY REALLY think that french people need to speak SLOWER. i understand it when i read it but i have serious issues when they speak and expect you to be some trained journalist taking down notes during an interview. well at least teach us how to write in shorthand first!!ROARR

in terms of football, my happiness level is pretty high.haha chelsea’s trashing of lowly side bourdeux at stamford bridge, together with the news of arsenal and man u BOTH drawing, makes liz a very happy blue fan for this week:D let’s hope that the week continues to be even sweeter as we meet with the red devils this weekend..woohoo

oh yes, i’m sorry manchester utd fans but i think first and foremost you need to get a new shirt sponsor or maybe AIG should be changed to FED as the fed rescued AIG with a US$85 million loan to rescue them from the clutches of collapse. i think it was in the straits times a couple of days back, the total cost of keeping capitalism up in the united states is a whooping US$905 million dollars or in french they would say neuf sont-cinq million..can capitalism survive?stay tune to find out…

my printer is suffering from an identity crisis, it thinks it’s a paper shredder, IT KEEPS SHREDDING MY ECONOMICS LECTURE NOTES THAT I NEED FOR TMR’S LECTURE!!

in a much more solemn note, dear world, please pray for the victims and family of the victims of hurricane ike in the united states:( may God be with them through these times..


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