rescue 911

September 9, 2008 at 3:02 pm (Uncategorized)


hahaha there are TEN police cars, FIVE fire trucks, THREE ambulances, TWO military doggies (!) and hundreds and hundreds of people and miltary men gathered downstairs as i am typing this..i bet you think they caught mas selamat or something.WRONG!heh if they actually caught him, i’ll be downstairs trying to gain credit for his arrest man. a cool S$1 million may be in my pocket..haha but no it’s actually quite poignant, someone was attempting suicide and it was someone my mom goes market and snatches all the fresh vegetables and meat with like a true singaporean auntie :p

apparently, she was riden with debt and her husband is in China with another woman, daughter ran away from home with boyfriend (SOURCE: MOTHER’S WORDS) sigh so yea she’s rather old too and felt that life had no purpose for her anymore. wahhh DAMN TYPICAL SERIAL DRAMA but yes lucky singapore defense force is SO DAMN EFFICIENT, they blared their horns and sirens and within 2 mins of arrival, there was this huge bouncy inflated bouncy thingy that goes biong biong biong set up at the foot of the block (trust me, i was THIS close and tempted to jump on it, but i would probably end up in jail for interferring with the law.HAHA). but our POLICEMEN are oh-so-fit and fast they flittered up the stairs and grabbed her from the back before she could do anything stupid..the good thing is she’s safe, the bad thing is she’s sitting in jail now for attempted suicide.

MORAL OF THE STORY: want to commit suicide, don’t do it in spore. die die must do in spore then make sure you don’t make a scene or cause any disturbance, go to rooftop and jump, don’t hesitant. if not, singaporeans will call the cops on you and you’ll be screwed either way..

i apologize if i sound or appear so excited and happy over something as grave as someone committing suicide but my life is such a bore, i find thrill in such cheap thrills.heh but i will pray and hope for the best for the me, if she’s lying dead downstairs now, the tone of this entry will not be as light-hearted and joyful as this..haha i do have a heart and conscience you KNOW!

today was a nice day, i guess any day with no school is a nice day:)) by the way, this is my obese smile :)) why you may ask? well, because it has a double chin :)).wahaha okay liz is a lamepok, she admits:D

omg i just found out i’m playing touch for nus inter-faculty games this coming sat.hahaha i so need to go train with someone or something.i last touched a rugby ball almost a month ago (!!!!)

you deleted your facebook account?!


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