bleu sundays and saturdays

September 7, 2008 at 2:59 pm (Uncategorized)

why does the weekend always seem to pass by without my knowing!another twelve hours time and i’ll be dragging my fat butt out of the house and trudging my feet to yet another school week..i don’t HATE school yet because it’s quite fun interacting with new people and learning spanking new stuff everyday but i miss that sense of belonging and security that acs/scgs provided.i think it’s the comfort of continuity.seeing familiar faces everywhere you go, going to the toilet and CONFIRM plus guarantee meet someone inside whom you can say hi to and talk to (until the period is up), going down to the canteen and seeing people you can wave to everywhere, having teachers you have to deal with almost everyday.sigh it’s only when you are in university that you miss those good old days in school. wanted to post some old photos of the good old school days but i think that will only make me more emo.haha shall leave them for another day:) on a much brighter note, my upcoming week is rather packed!!

well at least the later part of the week is, as usual.ahhaha

monday – school, lunch, school, dinner anyone?

tuesday – FREE! (maybe tuition)

wednesday – school, donate blood, nes meeting?

thursday – TERROR school spam day

friday – school, lunch, school, break, school, lantern carrying? ens dinner?

saturday – acsi class gathering, jingyu’s farewell bbq

sunday – let’s go to the beach friends:D

uh oh.mid terms are coming, i should start studying.hahaha hmm must squeeze studying in somehow la

yayy my papa just said recess week go MAMBOOOO<3 hahaha there’s goes two days of potential studying..heh


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