epl-less weekend

September 6, 2008 at 3:53 pm (Uncategorized)

just one stupid click of the button and my entire post was deleted.sigh the cumbersome new media..anyway let me try to remember all that i wrote just now.

international break this weekend which spells EPL-LESS:( so there would be any feelings of euphoria or despair from me this weekend. England do take on Andorra today in the 2010 world cup qualifying campaign. The consequences of Andorra even scoring against England tonight would be unthinkable, let alone winning against them. Here are some interesting facts of Andorra for you to chew on!

1. Andorra is the fifth small nation in Europe.

2. Has a population size of a mere 80,000 (which is approximately ONE-FIFTH the size of Singapore, so if we are a small red dot, what does that make them?)

3. The country’s home stadium, Estandi Comunal d’Aixovall, holds a mere 1,800 people. that’s just about the number of aunties and uncles that can squeeze into the Giant hypermarket @ IMM on any given weekend. courtesy of Google Maps, here’s a look at the puny stadium from above.

4. Andorra’s official Fifa world rankings are a whooping 171 places behind England, at a distant 186th position

5. They have won ONLY ONE competitive match where they defeated Macedonia in October 2004 during the 2006 world cup qualifying campaign. During that campaign, they also received the ugly award of having received the most red and yellow cards.

I’m sorry Andorra, but you will have to be the whipping boys tonight. capello has yet to proven to me that he is the right man for the england job, perhaps a classy, showy performance by england tonight might do the trick?

i really miss my touch rugby team..here’s to an awesome two years we had together 😦

my chio captain

before the final match



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