the start of a new beginning

November 5, 2008 at 5:21 am (Uncategorized)

Senate Barack Obama, you are my president.

photo credits:

watching his acceptance speech now on CNN as I write this post that is long long overdue.

this guy is truly the most articulate man that the US has seen in a long while.

Because of him, I am now starting to be proud to call myself an American.

I cast my first ever voting ballot yesterday at the US embassy and I am glad I was part of history in the making.

Obama do us proud!

in other (sad) news, chelsea lost to roma in a rainy gloomy pitch THREE-ONE while liverpool on the other hand earned YET AGAIN controversial penalty to steal a point out of their match against athletico madrid. the instant i woke up, my brother (a gunner fan) told me CHELSEA SUCKS MAN. i had one thing to say to him, ‘hey hey at least i don’t lose to TWO newly promoted teams in the epl…’ heh

driving test this friday. God bless me with a calm mind and steady heart please.

exams are coming up in two weeks.

mambo on the 3rd of december.

bali trip after exams.

two weeks US of A trip in the end of december.

happy belated birthday to YOU, yes to you. i have your present, let me know when you want to start talking again so i can even meet you to pass you your present.

this is such an incoherent post, i’m too distracted by Obama’s speech, he is such a wonderful individual.

God Bless him and his family. God bless the United States of America..


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September 25, 2008 at 3:01 pm (Uncategorized)

I stopped and wondered today whatever happened to monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, where did they go?I didn’t even notice that four out of five days of my supposedly ‘recess’ week are gone and dusted. and the worst thing is that i still have a heap of work left on my desk, my to-do list has only ONE check out of TEN (!!)

i have a proposal for nes events due tmr which i’ll probably procrastinate until 11.30pm tmr night.heh and my political science essay is only at its cover page and thesis statement:

“In this essay, I will first explore how globalization affects the role of the state and the international impact it has made. However, I will argue in this essay that the modern state is a resilient one, and will not be deterred by the challenges it faces arising from globalization.” – all rights reserved. hahaha i took FOUR DAYS, FOUR DAYS to come up with that. gosh and i have another 1500 words to go..lucky me i am ib-trained to churn out essays in one day when faced with immense pressure.HAHA

cash rich MANCHESTER CITY crashes out to cash strapped brighton (say who?)
cash not-so-rich-anymore CHELSEA makes poor david james pick out the seventh, eighth, ninth and TENTH ball from his own net in two days.poor calamity..

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sleepy sunday

September 21, 2008 at 5:31 am (Uncategorized)

sleepy’s really one of those days that you just want to stay in bed the entire day.snuggled under the heaps of covers, with the ipod plugged in blasting nice soothing songs, the curtains reflecting any ray of sunlight, the air-condition at 18 degrees (celsius not fahrenheit!)..

was suppose to go the beach today to stop my mom’s constant reminder of “ah girl ah, go sentosa and get rid of your uneven tanlines!” my gosh la, since when are moms encouraging of their daughter to go to the beach in bikinis to get rid of their tan lines.hahaha well that’s my mom for you. but i grew lazybones and decided to stay home and be the good and exemplary uni student that i am (AHEM) to study for my theatre studies mid terms which is TOMORROW! i already screwed up my french mid terms can’t afford to screw up another one..CAP 5 CAP 5 CAP 5 CAP 5!!

i wish i found this when i was still in ib taking HL math.haha

the singapore flyer promenade is showcasing THE match of the season on a 300 inch screen.zomg i’m still contemplating whether i should go down and watch the match fully geared in my chelsea wear:D i don’t really like saying too much before big matches like this one.heh i prefer to do post-match analysis but i would just like to say TWO things before the big match tonight:

1. remember the drama, remember the tears, remember the anguish on THAT rainy roman night? remember all that and let’s take our avenge

2. TONIGHT 8.55 pm, tune in to football channel (ch27) be there or be square to watch the red devils submerge under the blue wave:p

you really don’t give a shit anymore, do you?

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it’s been a while

September 18, 2008 at 3:16 pm (Uncategorized)

it’s been a while since i’ve been here.haha am i really THAT busy?i’m sorry dear bloggie for neglecting you.i shall make up to you by writing a nice long post alrighty?hahaha omg i feel so retarded talking to a platform of new media.

it’s thursday night which means liz has once again conquered terror thursday which has not been so terror-able for the past weeks.haha okay okay i admit i SKIPPED the morning lectures for the past two weeks already.haven’t been for a theatre studies lecture for THREE WEEKS.oh mon dieu i’m such a bad student but i really don’t like the 9am slot cos that means i have to get out of the house by 8 am which means i have to wake up by latest 730 AM!!then i have skipped political science lecture for the past TWO WEEKS cos i really don’t feel as though the lecture is helping me in any way.rahh but i better start making up for the slack time by reading and learning myself.


i have so much catching up to do, it’s daunting. had my first french test today actually it was my first test in almost a year so yea it wasn’t as great as i wanted it to be, i totally flunked my listening comprehension part. i REALLY REALLY think that french people need to speak SLOWER. i understand it when i read it but i have serious issues when they speak and expect you to be some trained journalist taking down notes during an interview. well at least teach us how to write in shorthand first!!ROARR

in terms of football, my happiness level is pretty high.haha chelsea’s trashing of lowly side bourdeux at stamford bridge, together with the news of arsenal and man u BOTH drawing, makes liz a very happy blue fan for this week:D let’s hope that the week continues to be even sweeter as we meet with the red devils this weekend..woohoo

oh yes, i’m sorry manchester utd fans but i think first and foremost you need to get a new shirt sponsor or maybe AIG should be changed to FED as the fed rescued AIG with a US$85 million loan to rescue them from the clutches of collapse. i think it was in the straits times a couple of days back, the total cost of keeping capitalism up in the united states is a whooping US$905 million dollars or in french they would say neuf sont-cinq million..can capitalism survive?stay tune to find out…

my printer is suffering from an identity crisis, it thinks it’s a paper shredder, IT KEEPS SHREDDING MY ECONOMICS LECTURE NOTES THAT I NEED FOR TMR’S LECTURE!!

in a much more solemn note, dear world, please pray for the victims and family of the victims of hurricane ike in the united states:( may God be with them through these times..

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dimanche thoughts

September 14, 2008 at 2:07 pm (Uncategorized)


awesome scoreline, my MOTM is definitely the entire manu backline for a brilliant own goal which tied the game up at one all.haha liverpool’s victory was made even sweeter after watching chelsea beat the new cash kings of the epl, man city 3-1.

my thoughts on the match:
Brilliant overall team performance althought the first half could do with some improvement
lampard and deco are just playing flawlessly in midfield (who says they can’t play together?)
beautiful goals by carvalho, lampard and anelka (esp lampards’s!!)
bosingwa looks to be fitting into the team just nicely

MOTM: lampard, just take a look at his goal which gave chelsea the lead here

but….victory was made sour by a very, very contentious RED card(?!!) given out to terry for what may i quote as ‘serious foul play’. I’ve seen numerous other challenges similar to terry’s which only warrants a yellow AT MOST. taken from the sky sports website : Moment of the match: John Terry’s sending off. The England skipper has been getting away with murder for a long time now and it is good to see a referee finally take a stand. 

i’m writing in to complain about absolutely appalling biased journalism. (i guess cash-rich Abu Dhabi United have perhaps infiltrated the english press?)

last week of school before recess week!!WOOHOO let’s go G-O GO!!

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drained (literally)…

September 10, 2008 at 2:33 pm (Uncategorized)

i am so so so drained and it’s ONLY wednesday, which means TMR IS TERROR THURSDAY again. i think one dozen and one cups of coffee/tea is not gonna be enough to sustain me through tmr, i’m trying so hard not to skip the 9am lecture tmr.HAHA

anyhow, i donated blood today:D and i found out for the first time in my 19 years of existence that my blood type is AB+ and the nurse said it is VERY RARE.hahaha so she was like smoking me to come back again after 3 months.okay i think that’s why i’m literally drained..blood drained out from me,NO WONDER I’M SO TIRED.ROAR

i think this is will be me AGAIN tmr..

goodnight world.

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rescue 911

September 9, 2008 at 3:02 pm (Uncategorized)


hahaha there are TEN police cars, FIVE fire trucks, THREE ambulances, TWO military doggies (!) and hundreds and hundreds of people and miltary men gathered downstairs as i am typing this..i bet you think they caught mas selamat or something.WRONG!heh if they actually caught him, i’ll be downstairs trying to gain credit for his arrest man. a cool S$1 million may be in my pocket..haha but no it’s actually quite poignant, someone was attempting suicide and it was someone my mom goes market and snatches all the fresh vegetables and meat with like a true singaporean auntie :p

apparently, she was riden with debt and her husband is in China with another woman, daughter ran away from home with boyfriend (SOURCE: MOTHER’S WORDS) sigh so yea she’s rather old too and felt that life had no purpose for her anymore. wahhh DAMN TYPICAL SERIAL DRAMA but yes lucky singapore defense force is SO DAMN EFFICIENT, they blared their horns and sirens and within 2 mins of arrival, there was this huge bouncy inflated bouncy thingy that goes biong biong biong set up at the foot of the block (trust me, i was THIS close and tempted to jump on it, but i would probably end up in jail for interferring with the law.HAHA). but our POLICEMEN are oh-so-fit and fast they flittered up the stairs and grabbed her from the back before she could do anything stupid..the good thing is she’s safe, the bad thing is she’s sitting in jail now for attempted suicide.

MORAL OF THE STORY: want to commit suicide, don’t do it in spore. die die must do in spore then make sure you don’t make a scene or cause any disturbance, go to rooftop and jump, don’t hesitant. if not, singaporeans will call the cops on you and you’ll be screwed either way..

i apologize if i sound or appear so excited and happy over something as grave as someone committing suicide but my life is such a bore, i find thrill in such cheap thrills.heh but i will pray and hope for the best for the me, if she’s lying dead downstairs now, the tone of this entry will not be as light-hearted and joyful as this..haha i do have a heart and conscience you KNOW!

today was a nice day, i guess any day with no school is a nice day:)) by the way, this is my obese smile :)) why you may ask? well, because it has a double chin :)).wahaha okay liz is a lamepok, she admits:D

omg i just found out i’m playing touch for nus inter-faculty games this coming sat.hahaha i so need to go train with someone or something.i last touched a rugby ball almost a month ago (!!!!)

you deleted your facebook account?!

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bleu sundays and saturdays

September 7, 2008 at 2:59 pm (Uncategorized)

why does the weekend always seem to pass by without my knowing!another twelve hours time and i’ll be dragging my fat butt out of the house and trudging my feet to yet another school week..i don’t HATE school yet because it’s quite fun interacting with new people and learning spanking new stuff everyday but i miss that sense of belonging and security that acs/scgs provided.i think it’s the comfort of continuity.seeing familiar faces everywhere you go, going to the toilet and CONFIRM plus guarantee meet someone inside whom you can say hi to and talk to (until the period is up), going down to the canteen and seeing people you can wave to everywhere, having teachers you have to deal with almost everyday.sigh it’s only when you are in university that you miss those good old days in school. wanted to post some old photos of the good old school days but i think that will only make me more emo.haha shall leave them for another day:) on a much brighter note, my upcoming week is rather packed!!

well at least the later part of the week is, as usual.ahhaha

monday – school, lunch, school, dinner anyone?

tuesday – FREE! (maybe tuition)

wednesday – school, donate blood, nes meeting?

thursday – TERROR school spam day

friday – school, lunch, school, break, school, lantern carrying? ens dinner?

saturday – acsi class gathering, jingyu’s farewell bbq

sunday – let’s go to the beach friends:D

uh oh.mid terms are coming, i should start studying.hahaha hmm must squeeze studying in somehow la

yayy my papa just said recess week go MAMBOOOO<3 hahaha there’s goes two days of potential studying..heh

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epl-less weekend

September 6, 2008 at 3:53 pm (Uncategorized)

just one stupid click of the button and my entire post was deleted.sigh the cumbersome new media..anyway let me try to remember all that i wrote just now.

international break this weekend which spells EPL-LESS:( so there would be any feelings of euphoria or despair from me this weekend. England do take on Andorra today in the 2010 world cup qualifying campaign. The consequences of Andorra even scoring against England tonight would be unthinkable, let alone winning against them. Here are some interesting facts of Andorra for you to chew on!

1. Andorra is the fifth small nation in Europe.

2. Has a population size of a mere 80,000 (which is approximately ONE-FIFTH the size of Singapore, so if we are a small red dot, what does that make them?)

3. The country’s home stadium, Estandi Comunal d’Aixovall, holds a mere 1,800 people. that’s just about the number of aunties and uncles that can squeeze into the Giant hypermarket @ IMM on any given weekend. courtesy of Google Maps, here’s a look at the puny stadium from above.

4. Andorra’s official Fifa world rankings are a whooping 171 places behind England, at a distant 186th position

5. They have won ONLY ONE competitive match where they defeated Macedonia in October 2004 during the 2006 world cup qualifying campaign. During that campaign, they also received the ugly award of having received the most red and yellow cards.

I’m sorry Andorra, but you will have to be the whipping boys tonight. capello has yet to proven to me that he is the right man for the england job, perhaps a classy, showy performance by england tonight might do the trick?

i really miss my touch rugby’s to an awesome two years we had together 😦

my chio captain

before the final match


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trillionaires and more..

September 5, 2008 at 3:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Manchester City new owner has a family fortune amounting up to £1 trillion. that actually makes Roman’s fortune look like small change, now we understand that rich people do have brains afterall as roman knew there was NO WAY he can outbid man city for robinho’s services. i do admit i used to think roman was a dimtwit but i guess people don’t get rich for nothing.haha thaksin’s probably laughing all the way to the bank now too..

in other football-related news, 

Romeo Beckham, the very obvious 5 year old son of the famous older beckham, was seen ‘curling’ the ball around the wall of defenders, past the goalkeeper and into the empty net behind. Good memories of older Beckham’s face-saving last-ditch England goal versus Greece in england’s world cup 2001 campaign. a picture speaks a thousand words, so here it is:

do i see real madrid or arsenal calling their treasurers and agents?haha or maybe man city too:p


workload in school is starting to set in or rather pile up.sigh ‘recess’ week in two weeks, mid-term papers straight after that.haha i’m just trying to recall what i’ve learnt the past month in school..

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